B&W Hitches - Tow and Stow Hitch 2.5" Shank

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The Tow & Stow’s adjustable height and multiple ball sizes mean it can fit most any trailer. Easily stow it under the vehicle when you’re done towing, so you never have to knock your shin or shut the garage door on a hitch again.


Trailer Hitch Ball Mount; Tow & Stow (TM); Class V; Fits 2-1/2 Inch Receiver;

14500 Pound Gross Trailer Weight/ 1450 Pound Tongue Weight; 5 Inch Drop/ 4-1/2 Inch Rise;

Tri Ball-1-7/8 Inch ( Rated At 3500 Pounds)

And 2 Inch (Rated At 7500 Pounds)

And 2-5/16 Inch (Rated At 14500 Pounds); Black


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