About us

Top Notch Accessories is an Alaskan owned Business. Daren Munro is known in the community as trustworthy and reliable entrepreneur. He always strives to make his customers happy, and have the best experience, with the services he has offered over 25 years.

Daren and his wife Jennifer have always had a love for trucks, from personal pickup's (always a staple in the family), to owning a Tractor Truck Fleet - not to mention the countless trips to the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction and the SEMA Show for over the last 10 years. They have been buying and drooling over new trucks, classic trucks, semi trucks, and even few cars over the years. It's something they show great passion for.

Combine that with the love of the outdoors and ALASKA, their hobbies range from shredding the hills on sleds and side X sides, launching the boat to go fishing, or just cruising - they love to drive! They are just truck people - plain and simple.

Making the decision to open a TRUCK accessory store was just a GREAT IDEA - a way to build on what they're passionate about, and a great way to help other people DOMINATE ALASKA's GREAT OUTDOORS!

They have worked hard building their business. Having a dedicated staff is always an asset, and they feel blessed to have people on their team that care just as much as they do, and will provide quality workmanship. Every member of their staff is proud to stand behind everything they do - from the product lines we carry to the installations. They are dedicated to provide every customer the highest level of commitment for a successful build every time. If you need help building your Alaska Dream Truck, Jeep, or 4x4 contact us today.

Come visit the showroom today at 8726 Corbin Dr. in Anchorage or call 907.274.4444 and let’s start your dream build.